is owned and operated by experienced professionals and like minded collectors, all of whom share a great passion for the craft, ensuring that the company products will be treasured by you and your family for many years to come.

elebrates this year 2016 its 50th birthday for which occasion we intend to reissue the celebrated Darstaed 40 cm coaches based on the ones made by Marklin in the late '30s. We will also venture into the realm of 2-rail. Our locomotives will be issued henceforward in either 2-rail or 3-rail. The 3-Rail locomotives will be suitable to run on all 3-rail track from 2ft radius tinplate tubular rack and larger and our 2-rail locomotives will be suitable to run on all commonly used 2-rail track down to PECO code 124 and LENZ. Our rolling stock will be suitable to run on everything.

went into a slumber in 1996 being revived in the summer of 2008 and is now able to look back on seven very successful years, not only in the British market but also in the U.S.A., Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and now has appointed nine distributors and numerous agents world-wide. All production takes place on our own premises using our own on-site facilities which include metal stamping, tin printing, plating and spraying, always striving to achieve the very highest of production standards.
Of necessity, products are produced in batches and from time to time may become unavailable however in line with customer demand, any one of the company’s range can be brought back into production to meet that demand therefore maintaining customer satisfaction. If, on the other hand the announcement of a new product fails to generate sufficient interest, then as a manufacturer we reserve the right to withdraw the proposed production of that particular model.
It is also company policy never to artificially limit production numbers in order to actively drive up the values of the products. Our models are built to be operated and enjoyed and should not be allowed to become the objects of speculation inevitably depriving would-be customers with smaller wallets. The opportunity to purchase the items of their dreams for a fair price will always be at the forefront of Darstaed company policy.

At every turn we strive to offer our customers a better product at the best possible price giving the greatest possible value for your money.


Enjoy your hobby, enjoy 

  - The Darstaed Team  
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